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Do you want more intense orgasm? Have you ever wonder how to cum more? Say yes to both and Ball Refill from Vigor Labs is the answer.


Increase volume; increase pleasure.

Ball Refill from Vigor Labs is a male orgasm enhancement supplement and semen volumizer. Ball Refill helps to increase volume for better male orgasm enhancement that lasts longer and leaves you feeling satisfied. Vigor Labs’ Ball Refill helps volume for an extended orgasm and the answer for how to cum more. When you use semen volumizers you increase volume, which in return increases the amount of ropes, or contractions, during orgasm. The number of ropes during your orgasm determines the intensity of your climax. As a semen volumizer, Ball Refill also helps to boost libido and create explosions of pleasure. Natural ingredients increase volumes for larger, harder loads. Don't wonder how to cum more--With Ball Refill you'll know how to cum more.

Know how to cum more for intense climax!  

Ball refill works by filling up the scrotum sac to the max and with a specially formulated blend of herbs, Ball Refill then works to refill the scrotum sac after climax. After your full and plentiful release, the ingredients in Ball Refill reduce the amount of time to refill the scrotum and you are ready for more, faster than before. Male orgasm enhancement not only improves your single orgasm, but also helps increase the amount of orgasms you can have in less time. The ingredients ability to decrease the amount of time you need to rejuvenate makes it a pre and post sex pill and your answer for how to cum more. Male orgasm enhancement is possible with the ingredients in Ball Refill that increase volume and boost sex hormones.

First Extreme Semen Volumizer

  • Shoot further with more spurts
  • Boost libido and desire
  • Potent formula 
  • More satisfying orgasms and sex
  • Don’t wonder-Know how to cum more
  • Great with Chainsaw™
  • Part of the "Sexual Massacre Stack"™
  • Get results you can feel
  • Made in a cGMP lab in the USA

As a male orgasm enhancement and semen volumizer—Ball Refill is your best shot to great sex!

Vigor Labs offers the most extreme male orgasm enhancement supplements providing mind blowing, heart pounding and body rocking orgasms for men. The best part about sex for a man is unleashing his reserve onto his lover. Ball Refill allows you to increase volume by as much as 600% and shortens the recovery time to do it all over again.

Keep the good times coming. What to know how to cum more?  Vigor Labs’ Ball Refill is the first PRE and POST male orgasm enhancement product, putting it into a category all of its own—Semen Volumizer. Imagine the best orgasm you have ever had. Let’s say it’s after two weeks of abstaining from any erotic enjoyment, all the build up, all the excitement and pleasure waiting for release—that final moment is WOW! Right? Now imagine having an increase in volume and that same feeling every time you release.

Ball Refill is the male orgasm enhancement you need to make every time feel like the best time!



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